Autoenum Python script released on ISAudits github

Check out autoenum, our new Nmap automation script which we recently released on the ISAudits github page:

  • Performs an initial Nmap scan to detect live hosts for enumeration and reduce subsequent scan times (more comprehensive than -sn)
  • Performs Nmap service enumeration scans on live hosts; outputs to HTML
  • Parses enumeration scan results and performs targeted Nmap script scans on open services
  • Exports scan results to html files by service
  • Generates target lists by port in text files for later use with other tools
    • Specific web host list generated in Nikto format (
  • Optionally launches a Nikto scan on all detected web hosts and includes results in output directory

All scan parameters are pulled from config files so multiple configurations can be developed for internal vs. external networks or loud vs. quiet and specified with the -c flag. An example config file (default.example) is included and will be copied into the default path (default.cfg) upon initial launch.

Script tested on Kali Linux as well as OSX and should function on UNIX-based systems with required dependencies.